Lately I have had a huge amount of hair loss, mostly when I wash my hair and just before drying, now more than usual and its very worrying. I have no clue as to why its falling out so much and also I have no idea what I’m going to do about reducing the amount of hair loss.

I know its gross but in picture 1 below is an example of just the amount of hair loss every time I wash and dry my hair and in picture 2, was taken when I brushed my hair.

Image        Image


In this picture below is a list of products I’m currently using for my hair:


1&2. Suigo Shampoo and Conditioner – I love this product so much, I have been using this product for a few weeks now and my hair is so soft and shiny, and it smells divine, I am so sensitive when it comes to smells, any strong and overpowering perfume smell gives me a huge headache, but this product smells so good and it’s so subtle yet it gives your hair that gorgeous clean and freshness you want. Thumbs up.

3. New Look Oil Moisturiser Hair Lotion – I love this product because it gives your hair that smooth texture and shine, I received this product in my Rubybox a few months ago

4. Avon Moroccan Argon Oil – I use this product if my hair is feeling dry and hard, it gives your hair that smooth and soft texture as well as moisturise your strand

5. Lee Stafford flat iron protection shine mist – smells divine and of course I use this product when I flat iron my hair, it gives your hair that sleek finished look, love love

And just today I started using this product, my old faithful Kair’s Restoring Placenta : see photo below, this product helps strengthen and restore dry and damaged hair, from experience it also helped my hair grow a lot quicker than normal.


Please do respond by commenting below on what you think the reason could be, whether you have experienced the same hair loss and what you have used to reduce the hair loss and any recommendations I could possibly try.

Thanks x A x