abs-ass-bedroom-belly-Favim_com-705568Squat challenge feedback: Day 8

I read a great blog post about the benefits of doing a squat challenge which I thought was really insightful and everyone should read it. You can read the post by clicking here http://sophiechekruga.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/10-reasons-why-you-should-get-involved-with-the-squat-challenge

One thing I have noticed is that even though the rest day is there for a purpose and is necessary, when I return to the challenge I get the feeling like I have to start from the beginning, but I like it because I have to work harder to feel the results of the workout.

Day 5: Really felt the strain and soreness in my thighs, calves, tummy area and butt

Day 6: I get rather bored at times so I included some hip hop abs to spice things up a bit, the nice thing about the hip hop abs exercise is that they have a 3 tier squat bit so I wasn’t completely off the mark

Day 7: I don’t know, I don’t think I was doing it properly or maybe I felt a bit lazy, but I didn’t feel much while doing it, I couldn’t wait until it was over

Day 8: Rest day… I did about 85 squats as I felt that I wasn’t feeling enough pain and soreness the day before, I think also I’m so used to doing the challenge in the morning, so I was tired when I did it the night before. Hip Hop abs helped because I’m feeling the jelly legs. It feels awesome.

Day 9 today… looking forward to some kick ass squatting

Feeling great; loving it.