Squat challenge feedback: Day 15


Reference to this picture, read this blog post, very insightful


Day 9: Added Hip Hop abs into the challenge, and I love it so much because you having a lot of fun while exercising

Day 10: Did some lunges and crunches as well to work on my tummy area, definitely felt sore in my tummy

Day 11: Did some more lunges and crunches, got inspired Miss Fit Rush Tush, she instagramed a picture of herself tanning on the roof top, and made me want have that butt, read her blog, itโ€™s very insightful and inspiring www.rushismissfit.blogspot.com. She also recently opened her very own gym Glow.

Day 12: Rest day also called Lazy day, managed to get my ass up and did some lunges and crunches while Mr and the girls were sleeping

Day 13: Mr went cycling, so of course it was me with the girls, I had to do my squats with the girls hanging on my legs and nagging to be picked up, not ideal I tell you, but what can you do

Day 14: Early morning squats is the best, used a heavy household item as weights, itโ€™s actually works

Day 15 today done and dusted.. Feeling great; loving it.