My hospital experience

I was thinking long and hard before deciding to tell you my story about my hospital experience after my beautiful girls were born. This story isn’t so much about the fact that it happened to me but more about the fact that it can happen and to bring awareness about certain problems that may occur after you have had your babies and after your have had a c – section.

My pregnancy was a breeze despite the heavy nausea that I had, I even worked until my 33rd week of pregnancy, my girls were born at 36 weeks. All went well, my girls weighed 2.7 and 2.4 respectively and they were absolutely cute, still are so adorable. I was in hospital for the week after my c-section but by the third day, I started getting short of breathe and was put on oxygen every hour or so (let me just say quickly that I have a heart condition since I was 12 years old and have lived a fairly healthy life), mostly because I had been using the morphine pump that wasn’t agreeing with me.  The fourth day, the Dr discovered I had lost a lot of blood in my c – section and had to have a blood transfusion that day. At the same time, the Dr discovered my girls had yellow jaunders, and had to be put under lights.

By the fifth day, dr’s gave the all clear and off we went.

Almost immediately when I got home I wasn’t feeling well, I was extremely short of breathe, I was hot and felt exhausted, which was weird considering I just got home. I guess from there things just went downhill because right through the evening I couldn’t breathe properly and literally had my head out of the door for air. By 6 am the next morning, I called my mom to come around to look after the girls so that my husband could take me to hospital. I was admitted immediately. Had a series of tests done and had to stay put, it was probably the only day I expressed milk for my girls, who couldn’t even drink it, the doctor had my milk dried up. The evening came, my husband and brother in law came to visit, we sat and joked around and then they left for the evening.

At 11pm that night I got very sick, I was sitting in the passage outside my room, looking outside wondering how my girls were doing and the next thing I remember I was shouting for the nurse on call to help me, I was rushed immediately to ICU and was put on a ventilator because I was having respiratory problems and I couldn’t by this stage breathe on my own. I was put on the ventilator for three days, after that on oxygen for another 2 days or so, I was in ICU for about a total of 8 days, then another few days in the general ward.

Now, you must be wondering what was wrong with me:

Due to the c-section I had developed a lung infection which the doctor initially thought was TB, I had water on my lungs and high blood pressure and my heart grew weaker because it had to work harder with all these things happening to me. I was told that a normal person with a healthy heart works about 80% and its considered healthy, my heart was working 60% normally but when I was sick, it had worked about 40%. That is half of the amount it’s supposed to be working. Slowly but surely I started feeling better, and was even allowed to go home on weekends as I was very sad that I wasn’t there for my babies for the first three weeks of their lives, that thought was just so unbearable even though my husband and my two moms were there to look after them, my sisters also chirped in to help. The real star was my husband though, he would come visit me mornings, lunch time and in the evenings. In-between he would help with the girls and then at night he would help with night shift.

I would say though that the nurses and doctors were awesome, they worked very quick with me in my critically stage of illness, had they not been, I doubt I would’ve been around to watch my angels grow up. Out of the whole experience I would say the worst was the taking of blood every single day morning and evening. By the time I went to the general ward I literally begged my doctor to get the nurses to stop because I had no more blood in my veins, well at least it felt that way. Other than that the nurses were great, and very helpful. It also brought my husband and I closer. It was a real eye opener. I was advised not to have children again because I may not survive the next pregnancy or birth, although I have to say I am happy and content and I take it this way, Allah Ta Ala gave me two beautiful blessings because who knows whether another blessing will come our way…. One can only hope though.

My advice is that if you have any long standing illnesses, ensure that you have yourself checked out thoroughly and maybe decide to have your operation or birth done at the hospital where you doctor is stationed. Make sure that your illness is a factor when you in the birthing process, and after, you have to have yourself checked out afterwards as well, just to ensure that you are ok.


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Thanks for reading…