Squat challenge feedback: Day 30

Hi All, so its day 30 and unfortunately I did not complete the challenge, with only a few days left, I had become despondent with putting on weight when I was trying to eat healthy especially at lunch times. On Sunday my cousin was telling to me that while I was eating my salads I was making little mistakes like adding salad dressing.

I also think that if anything this challenge has taught me that it’s possible to tone up at home with virtually no financial expense. I do however need to change my eating habits and lifestyle. I know it’s rather disappointing that I hadn’t completed it, I guess I get tips for being honest. I’ve never claimed to be an expert, but I am like many other first time moms who just don’t have the time and energy to exercise. I won’t give up though, never. I will do another challenge but I think it will be one that will suit my time and lifestyle.

Below is some salads I’ve made for lunch. The last pic is a salad from Woolworths.

lunch 6JPG

lunch 4

lunch 1

lunch 5

lunch 3

lunch 2

Feedback on the challenge: I definitely can see a change in the lower part of my body, everything is a lot tighter, toned and smooth, so it can be done.

Thank you so much for the support in this challenge as well as some of my readers who have done the challenge with me, and if you completed the challenge, well done, your dedication is inspiring. Until next time…