This evening has been a bit worrying because not only was Tazkia having a fever but the poor child had the shivers too. Now in times like this i do two things 1. Google it and 2. Call mom.

The articles suggest that when your child have a fever he/she must be hydrated and should sleep in minimal clothing so that the heat can escape. Although when your child has the shivers as well it means your environment is too cold, and when its too cold, the skin’s blood vessels shuts down and the heat cannot escape causing the temperature to increase. So sponging and luke warm baths is a no no in this case.

Mom suggested i put socks on her feet, some panado and holding her so that my body can heat her up, without increasing her fever.

I ended up giving her some stilpyn, and covered her with a thin blanket and good old tlc. Seemed to have worked…. For now…

If you have any of your own remedies you don’t mind sharing please let me know by commenting below. Night all x