Terrible two stage


Hi guys,


So, I’m finding myself in a situation where Zia is testing every bit of me every moment she gets and it’s not your typical little cry, oh no, it’s your loud screeching, rolling on the floor, shouting, knocking her head, I want it now cry. I swear our neighbours are thinking we murdering our kids. I remember the first time she did it, a couple of weeks ago, we all were gob smacked with shock. The same happened when my sister and my father in law came to visit on separate occasions.

They couldn’t believe this child was behaving in this manner. Older people will say it’s just she is just plain naughty, I agree to an extent but how else would they convey their needs and wants. Now, with all this happening, my Tazkia is just a breeze. She tries her tantrums but it’s easier to distract her from what she wanted.


The most frustrating part is that she wouldn’t let Zahir console her. He can’t lay be Zia, pick her up. He can’t even hand her bottle to her. That’s how much she doesn’t want him to do anything for her, which means, I have to do it all.

I’ve tried everything, consoling her, giving her a few slaps on her nappy butt, talking to her, ignoring her, even let her calm down in the room… nothing works when she is in this mood. I like to believe that it’s a phase and that she won’t embarrass me in a mall {wishful thinking}, we are yet to find out whether she will throw a tantrum in a mall. 

I have to say though that when she isn’t being Miss Tantrum she can be super sweet and cute and happy.


Its the children’s job to test their parents, as hard and long as they can, its how we as parents choose to deal with it.


Tell me, have you gone through this phase and how did you handle it?