I was nomination on instagram and thought it be nice fir my reader to have a look into my world too.

I love reading the lists but eish listing my own was a mission. Here we go….

1. I’m a mother of twins one is a dark chocolate and the other milky bar lol
2. I love them to bits but they drive me insane
3. I have a heart condition and nearly died after giving birth to my girls
4. I love all hair, make up and skin products and lotions, body butters and hand creams are my fav
5. Beauty vlogs are everything
6. My passion is to own my own successful business
7. My husband is my most favorite person, but irritates me the most
8. I would do anything for my mom, second favorite person, I just love her so much
9. I absolutely love chocolate but caffeine gives me headaches so no coke or coffee either, I have chocolate everyday though and top it up with comprals, yes I know!
10. I love baking but I’m not that good at it lol
11. My girlfriends are everything to me, I don’t see them enough but I know practically everything happening in their lives, thank goodness for what’s app and emails
12. I can be very honest and say things you might not like although people have told me that most times I say the right things when they need it
13. I have very bad eye sight and really don’t like wearing glasses, it doesn’t make you look cute man
14. Red velvet cupcakes from Woolworths are the best I’ve ever tasted
15. I love reading but I don’t have the time or patience anymore
16. I prefer a bath over a shower
17. I dream of someday having Valentino, Loubs shoes Saarah as soon as I hit the jack pot I’m coming for you @saarahisrael
18. I wish I had my 21 year old body again
19. It takes while for me to warm up to people I have just met but when I have I’m very talkative and friendly
20. I’m a Pisces so I have mood swings, and it can change very quickly