November Lung:  Cancer Awareness Month

cancer awareness month

With November being lung cancer awareness month I wanted to do a post on what it means and how cancer affects millions of people on a daily basis. I have friends whose parents have passed because of this dreaded disease and it is so widely spread that you can literally get it anywhere in your body, and that is the scary part. That brings me to Heather, whose a survivor of a very rare form of cancer called  pleural mesothelioma and this type of cancer attacks the lining of your lungs. The cause of this type of cancer is exposure to asbestos which was used in the 1970s but can be found in factories,  products and its airborne, if you inhale asbestos for long period of time, and it sits on your lungs, you are well on your way in developing pleural mesothelioma.

Below you will find ways in keeping your lungs healthy, these points may seem logical to some people, but we take for granted that certain things or situations we find ourselves in can be dangerous to our bodies. Let me tell you anyway;

  1. Stay clear from smoking – this is the number one worst thing you can do to your lungs
  2. Protect yourself at work – if you working in a factory or on site, wear a mask if the situation is needed
  3. Be aware of pollution and try to promote a better way of living
  4. Try to have a better eating habit or healthier lifestyle – healthier foods that will give you a long lasting healthy body
  5. Be active – whether its walking your dog, going to gym or swimming, every little bit helps
  6. Listen to your body – if you coughing for a long period of time and you haven’t seen the doctor yet, then it definitely is time

I know it’s hard live a healthier life or be more active, Lord alone knows I have struggled with this myself. Here’s to trying to live a healthier life and being aware of the dangers of unhealthy living.

If you want to know more about Heather and her cancer story then check it out on

More facts about this rare disease can be found on!prettyPhoto/14/

Let’s join forces and spread awareness wherever we can, because it could be you.