A fellow mommy blogger, Mandy is amazing with her little angel and I was excited in interviewing her because being a mommy blogger myself, I can relate to her posts. See below what Mandy has to say.


1. What made you decide to start blogging? I started my blog when I found out I was  pregnant with my daughter. As a writer, I had always wanted to start a blog (in fact I started a few but never got past creating the names); as a mom-to-be I wanted to share my experiences and find or create a community of other parents-to-be and parents in Cape Town and around South Africa. I have been pleasantly surprised by the international mommies and daddies that have become part of that community too.

2. Describe your blog? It started as a place where I could openly share my rather challenging pregnancy stories and it has become a blog about the ups and downs (and all arounds) of parenthood. I guess it is a mommy blog, but with less of the happy shiny mommy things that most mom my blogs cover 😉

3. What is your inspiration in life, style, work, hobbies? Right now, I am less about inspiration and more about survival –       But my baby girl, Charlotte (Charly Rose) inspires me to be better on every level so that I can inspire her one day. My style is inspired by looking after an 8 month old 24/7 with little to no sleep while working from home and having absolutely no time to do anything… in other words I have none. I love my work. I have always loved writing and the fact that I get paid to do it is amazing to me. I am inspired by the awesome technology my clients have created and by helping my rather feisty client express his sometimes controversial views. I have no time for hobbies at the moment.

4. When you are not blogging, what do you do? I write business, accounting and technology articles for blogs, media and journals; I play with my daughter along with all the other “looking after her” stuff and very very rarely I watch series.

5. What’s on your wish list for summer/Christmas/Special occasions/or just for the next few months? Sleep and a massage, and I’m not picky about the order. However, neither of those are terribly likely at the moment. I’m also looking forward to quality family time over the holiday season.

6. What do you splurge on? Mostly on gifts for the special people in my life. The old Mandy use to splurge on that too, but also second-hand books and pampers for herself when she used to have time for such things.

7. What are you reading right now? Baby Tiger and Baby Owl. Sadly those are the only books I have time for. I do however read certain mommy blogs every time Miss C falls asleep while breastfeeding – 3 Kids 2 Dogs 1 Old House; Harassed Mom; Scary Mommy; Can I get another bottle of whine, to name a few.

8. Who is your favourite local celebrity? I know nothing about local celebrities :-/  I know a few rugby players and a few comedians, but I don’t think of them as celebrities so it feels like cheating 😉

9. What is your favourite make up brand? I am embarrassed to say I know very little to nothing about make up. I wear really cheap face powder and blush and eyeshadow, I use Revlon mascara and lipstick because I got them in the CTMEETUP goodie bag and I wear a brand of eyeliner that no longer exists apparently. I do however have a scent, does that count? Dior Poison.

10. Define your style? Pajama-chic for the most part

11. What makes you happy? Watching Charly learn new things; watching my husband playing with her; blogging; writing and watching TV series

12. How do you define success? Not having to stress about anything I can control (wealth, living, loving); being able to live in the moment without worrying about any aspect of the future.

13. Your philosophy is? I don’t really have one at the moment; I think the closest thing I have is that learning is a lifelong journey.

14. Any tips for anyone who wants to start a blog? Find something you are passionate about and be honest with your readers.

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