Mr. Surprised me with a lovely date last Sunday and it was marvelous. We started off with a Thai massage called the Entertainer, which was a full body massage with Thai and aromatherapy elements; so you really get the best if both worlds; and you can find it at a little gem called Nabua Original Thai Massage. I was nervous initially when I got to the spa because I wasn’t sure what to expect and being it my first, a massage causing more discomfort or pain than your typical massage made me nervous. However, it turned out to be the best massage my husband and I have had ever, and that says a lot considering we have been to so many.

They start with the aromatherapy first working their way from your feet to your head and I have to say my therapist was a bit rough around the edges but I didn’t mind it because it somehow worked for her. She hardly could speak English but communicated well regardless and was very friendly and helpful and of course asked in her own way whether I wanted her to put less pressure or whether she was hurting me and when I flinched at the pain she would chuckle and say less? Less? It was quite funny.

We had the option of using oils and the best part though was the Thai element of pulling at my limbs and cracking my toes. At one point She literally sat on my thighs and pulled my torso up by the arms to stretch my top part of my body out. It’s the most amazing feeling ever, weird but amazing! When she massaged my back she was get on the table and massage me, at first I thought what the heck but then when she is massaging you, you can understand why. Ok, I don’t want to reveal too much because you really have to try it for yourself.

To make bookings contact:
Telephone/Fax: 021 425 0016
Cell: 083 713 3120
Email: info@na-bua.co.za





To top off our marvelous massage, Mr. Took me to have lunch at Truffle restaurant that recently opened. The nice thing about it is that it’s fully halaal. The food is really great, they have a sushi bar which we took full advantage of and the service was amazing.

For reservations:
Email: reservations@truffleco.co.za
Call: 021-418 3777






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