Hi everyone, as the year comes to a close I wanted to reflect on the year and what Iv leant and felt.

1. My kids are getting bigger and older and soon I’m going to have to worry about school, then primary school then boys and cars and college. The years are going far too fast and soon they won’t need me anymore.


2. No matter how much you earn, your expenses will grow along with it and you will feel like you still in the same place since when you started working.

3. Save some money every month, it might seem like a logical thing to do, but so many people don’t save.

4. My father’s death changed my life, I’m not happy yet, I miss him every day and every time something special or meaningful happens, i get sad knowing he would’ve loved it.


5. The pain and suffering the Palestinians had to go through this year is not ok. When I looked at pictures of those innocent children it makes me realize that it so easily could’ve been my children and that thought alone is terrifying.

6. Make goals as a couple, to make your life better. Short term goals every year and then long term goals to work on and improve until then.

7. My fitness journey started along with my family, and as a team we worked out twice a week. I personally could feel that my fitness level improved and I felt more refreshed and stronger.




I think I am very lucky in life and I thank God every day for my amazing husband and what he and I have built and continue to work on. Sigh!